Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition

Connecting Nevada’s Outdoor Industry

We believe our state’s outdoor industry has the power to invigorate communities and drive economic growth. NVOBC is creating a more connected outdoor recreation industry in Nevada.

NVOBC Events

"Race to 100" Membership Drive Kickoff

August 10, 2023 | 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Tenaya Creek Brewery
Las Vegas

Ready to join forces to strengthen Nevada's outdoor economy? ☀

Join us at the kick-off event for the NVOBC's "Race to 100" membership drive!

Whether you're an outdoor business, non-profit, or simply passionate about fostering the outdoor economy, this event is for you!

We use business to inspire and implement solutions to protect our environment and create opportunities that diversify and invigorate Nevada’s economy.

Member Benefits

Along with education and networking events, the NVOBC is the voice of Nevada’s outdoor industry. This means when issues arise that impact the future of our industry, and it is time to talk to lawmakers and agencies, you have representation.

Connect with some big industry names

Join us in strengthening Nevada’s outdoor economy