Merchandise Sales from Get Outdoors Nevada


  • Seller: Outside Las Vegas Foundation, doing business as Get Outdoors Nevada (GON), located at 919 E. Bonneville Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada  89101
  • Buyer: Customer purchasing merchandise from GON, in agreement with these Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms:

  • Payment is due upon ordering; no merchandise will be provided or shipped until payment is complete.
  • Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.

Shipping, Delivery and Returns:

  • Shipment: The shipping date is estimated upon the basis of immediate receipt by Seller of all information required to be furnished by Buyer. Seller shall, in good faith, endeavor to ship on the estimated shipping date, but reserves the right to vary such date free of any liability to Buyer.
  • Deliveries: Seller will not assume any responsibility for any damage or delays beyond its control.
  • Returns/Refunds: No returns and no refunds.

Guarantees or Warranties:

  • Seller warrants only that subject to variations permissible in the industry, the merchandise will conform to specifications provided by the Seller and agreed to by the Buyer.  In the event the merchandise fails to conform to such specifications, Seller shall replace the nonconforming goods.  Seller makes no other warranties, representations or covenants, express or implied, with respect to the merchandise as to any matter whatsoever, including but not limited to warranties, representations or covenants as to the workmanship, quality, condition or merchantable or fitness for any particular purpose of merchandise.